Vasco Rossi announces new concerts: ‘I’ll see you for sure in the stadiums in June’

The rocker said on Facebook that, barring an unlikely end of the world, he will soon re-embrace his audience at larger venues.

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“If there is no end of the world … in June we will see you for sure in the stadiums !!”. Vasco Rossi he never abandons his people and with a few words on Facebook he made his many fans happy. A good news that did not surprise, however, that much given that the singer from Zocca had already spoken at the beginning of the month, again on social media, of an important update after meeting with a “very faithful and selected representation of the Blasco fan club”. Vasco wrote cryptically: “Usually I focus on a song and the whole discussion revolves around the text … I think today instead I’ll talk about …” adding an unequivocal hashtag “#vascolive” to the message.

I’m going to the max

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“Of course you always run, you say, And when do you ever stop anymore!”, The Emilian rocker sang prophetically already in 1985 in What’s up. More than thirty years later Vasco Rossi does not seem to have the slightest intention of slowing down and is ready to return after a 2022 tour that took him up and down the Peninsula, also giving two spectacular two dates at the Circus Maximus. Eleven stages between festivals and open-air arenas which led to a total of 701 thousand tickets sold. Science fiction numbers for any other Italian colleague but ready to be replicated if not multiplied by Vasco. Despite the advancing years the singer is a real concert machine, capable of bringing joy and not only wherever he goes. An analysis carried out by Nielsen quantified that the first-date event of the last tour in Trento brought the territory a gain of almost 44 million euros (not counting the return of image).

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Front of the stage

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According to some sources, tickets for upcoming concerts should be on sale this autumn. It will be an important tour, which will bring Vasco back to the stadiums after the last experience of 2019. Then the rocker had come to fill San Siro six times in a row: a series of sold-outs that led to 350 thousand tickets sold. Vasco Rossi’s new challenge is to replicate that magic that then lasted for nine dates and involved a total of 430,000 spectators. A great party is being prepared for those to leave, to quote a hit by Blasco, truly “without words”. End of the world permitting.

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