Vasco concert in Trento, the great unknown Covid – Trento

TRENTO. “We want the Vasco Rossi concert in Trento to be the way to bring Trentino into a circuit of great musical events “. Governor Maurizio Fugatti said this today (January 14) at a press conference. “They will not all be concerts with Vasco’s numbers but events of 15,000, 30-40,000 people”, Fugatti specified.

As for the risks associated with the pandemic, which is currently experiencing a phase of resurgence, compared to the Vasco concert scheduled for next May 20, Fugatti said: “It is a variable that we do not control. But what do we do, do we no longer organize anything until they tell us that Covid is no longer there? “. The contract with the Province, it has been said, provides that in the event of exceptional situations, the concert can be moved to another date.

As for the safety issue, with the alarm that emerged last week after the stop of the Province’s Supervisory Commission, the president pressed: “We are not unconscious. The safety issue for Vasco Rossi’s concert has never been underestimated. Out of 100 thousand tickets sold, about 45,000 are from Trentino who believe in this event ”.

The Conference of Services yesterday (13 January) approved a first project for the preparation of the San Vincenzo di Mattarello area (leveling, fencing, setting up areas for stages and internal mobility), the technical process of administrative permissions and event authorizations.

The Director General of the Province Paolo Nicoletti he clarified that “inside the turnstiles the responsibility lies with the organizers who will have to present a safety project”. “As regards the safety of the area (inflow and outflow), the responsibility will concern a joint body coordinated by the government commissioner, as happened for the assembly of the Alpine troops”.

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The manager Raffaele De Col added that the first step concerns the arrangement of the area (passed in the Conference of services), phase two that will develop in February, concerns the internal organization of the spaces, finally the third phase – which sees the Civil Protection involved and involved the Municipality – is about public safety. “We are in a new area, which must be studied (27 hectares, to have a term of comparison the Circus Maximus in Rome measures 7, the Olympic stadium about 9 hectares). We do what we can do in compliance with the rules. The simulations will give us answers. I can reassure you that everything that can be put in place to manage the event, if Covid allows it, will be done “. “What worries me the most, looking at the images of Vasco’s 2019 concert, is precisely the pandemic”, concluded De Col.

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