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With this same ticket you can access the
Castillo and to the museums of l ‘
Alomdí and of
Fine arts, complementing the accesses to the Espai Borja and the Convent of Sant Domènec.

This unitary entry will be effective and will be put into operation once the new tax ordinances are approved and come into force for 2021.

To do this, you have to access the GNLVLC profile and consult all the public lists. If you want to create a quick access, you can save them among the preferred lists by clicking on ‘Follow’. They can also be sent

These lists will be added to the ten that the GNL has already published since last March: the list of songs with female voices to claim on March 8, the eight lists for moments (to wake up, relax, sing, play sports, cooking or dancing) and the list on the occasion of LGTBI Pride.

Special attention has been paid to urban genres such as hip hop, reggaeton and even trap, popular with young people, to bring them closer to the songs in Valencian.

The initiative aims
break topics who associate music in Valencian only to traditional folk, to rock songs with traditional instruments such as the dolçaina or to protest lyrics.

For his part, the accused has refused to testify, also to the questions of his defense.

The woman has said that she met the accused when she was 14 years old when she arrived from Romania with her mother and sister. The relationship lasted for ten years until she decided to break it up in November 2019.

He has declared that he burned her with cigarettes, shaved her hair to zero on one occasion and, after breaking her spleen with sticks, warned her at the hospital that “if she told the truth” he would “punch her” in the points that she had of the operation that would take her “to the cemetery.”

The Accompaniment law will establish a deduction of the
10 % to encourage
acquisition or electrification of urban bicycles and electric vehicles for personal mobility.

The percentage of the regional deduction for donations with ecological purposes will also increase, which goes from 20 to 25% from the first 150 euros.

Deductions range from
15 % al 20 %, with a limit of 700 euros. In the case of women up to 35 years of age and / or with disabilities, the deduction is raised to
25 %, with a limit of 850 euros.

In addition, a 95% reduction is introduced, up to 60,000 euros, in transmissions aimed at cash donations that are intended to help women victims of gender violence to acquire their habitual residence.

This amount will be increased by
120 euros if families have a child, in
180 euros if they have two, and in
240 if you have three. Therefore, a large family can benefit from
a deduction of up to 540 euros.

In addition, to combat depopulation it is introduced that regular transport services for special use can be used by other people, in order to address the problems of displacement and mobility in rural areas.

Puig has also advanced that the tax measures law will contemplate deductions for
people affected by ERTE, women victims of
gender violence, and to those who make donations against

In addition, the first year university tuition is reduced by 5% for careers in which internships have a special weight and which are the most expensive for students.

On this occasion it has pieces by Llorenç Barber, Álex Marco, Pilar Beltrán, Xisco Mensua and Mau Monleon.

IVAM Produce intends to expand the museum’s exhibition offer with
new artistic production and highlighting specific projects for some “non-museum” spaces in the center.

It’s a statement,
Bastidas he regretted that the residences “are once again showing their most vulnerable side with the virus, as a few months ago”, and has stated that the “Health and Welfare controls are not working.”

As usual,
Valencia It is the municipality with the most new infections, with a total of 412.

This figure, however, is the lowest in a weekend since the beginning of August. Alicante and Castelló de la Plana also exceed one hundred cases at the weekend, with 116 and 113.

Curated by the Valencian businessman and chef Miguel Martí and his team, this historic loom in the urban center of Valencia preserves its essence with a “100% ecological” intervention, reconverted into a space that they are reluctant to define with a single concept.

The woman, a resident of Castellón and a native of Tunisia, is accused of a crime of continued fraud. The complainant, a native of Egypt and a resident of Oropesa, met the arrested woman, who claimed to be a lawyer, to help her with her bureaucratic procedures in Spain, since she did not know the language.

Given these data, the Government delegate in the Valencian Community, Gloria Calero, has valued this Monday the Campaign for the Surveillance and Control of Driving Distractions that from today until September 20 will be developed in autonomy.

A total of 12 educational centers in the Community ended the first week of class with confinement of students determined by the health authorities, which represents 0.6% of the total of 1,845, details the department of Vicent Marzà.

According to García, for about a year the unions have been requesting the Port Employment Center for a protocol against inclement weather such as DANA, “which are increasingly common.”

Today the second year students onwards have started, while the first year students will start from September 25.

In the case of the University of
Valencia and the Polytechnic University of
Valencia, the classes have started in person for these students.

The Valencian Community has added
five dead for coronavirus,
377 new positives by PCR tests and
19 new shoots, most of them of social origin, since the last update last Saturday.

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