Valencia City Council launches campaign against animal abandonment “to raise awareness and move citizens”

Valencia City Council has launched a new public awareness campaign against animal abandonment during the most critical time of the year, the summer. “This campaign is in addition to the different initiatives and work that we are carrying out from the Department of Animal Welfare of Valencia City Council in order to promote, in the short term, the adoption and reception of the animals we care for in our centers. , in the long term, with awareness campaigns aimed at educating in the respect, love and protection of the animals we live with “, as explained today by the Councilor for Animal Welfare, Glòria Tello.

The photographs in the campaign are images of real animals and spontaneously capture the smiles and endearing gestures of different cats and dogs, which attract the viewer’s attention and make him reflect on how the happiness of these living beings depends directly. of their owners. “Happy with you” is the main text of this campaign, although next to it appears a very strong complementary phrase, which appeals directly to us: Abandonment is a crime.

The design of the posters, which can already be seen on display today in the city’s street furniture, is Boke Bazán, a designer based in Valencia since 1985, who maintains a close relationship with culture through design projects. who has collaborated with organizations such as the Teatre Principal, Les Arts, the Palau de la Música, La Nau and the Mostra de València.

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