Vadefarma will focus on differential categories for pharmacy such as animal health and natural product

DAILYPHARMA | 23.09.2022 – 12:09

Vadefarma, the expansion project, promoted by Fedefarma and Grupo Unnefar, will operate at a national level, serving the more than 22,000 pharmacy offices in the State. Vadefarma seeks to be the best complement to the main distributor of pharmacies, bringing a vade mecum of more than 90,000 references and more than 5,000 brands, especially focused on differential categories for the pharmacy such as animal health, orthopedics and natural products.

The distributor has made itself known to the profession at the National Pharmaceutical Congress recently held in Seville, serving “hundreds of pharmacists interested in learning about the new distributor specializing in booming categories in pharmacy,” they explain from the company.

Without giving up exclusive promotions and special conditions by reference, its offer is characterized by transparent prices, without fees or logistics charges. The objective is “to help the pharmacy in its specialization and differentiation, supporting the service it provides to its users and boosting its profitability”.

This new initiative by Fedefarma and Unnefar is based on figures close to 69,000 units sold/quarter, with more than 3,500 orders received.

With a joint turnover of close to 2,000 million euros, Fedefarma and the companies that make up the Unnefar group are leaders in many of their respective fields of action and a national benchmark.

The two cooperatives share values ​​and philosophy, placing the development of the pharmacy at the center of all their initiatives. Starting from this vision,

Vadefarma joins the ecosystem of projects promoted by Sigma Farma, the innovation space that Fedefarma and Unnefar created a few years ago with the aim of contributing to the generation of future standards in the sector and promoting the digital transformation of the pharmacy office.

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Within the framework of this collaboration, solutions are included through Sigma to empower the pharmaceutical role in the digital channel, such as a portal that facilitates the online presence of more than 7,000 pharmacies, extended with a personalized website, e-commerce or RR. H.H. in more than 1,300 of them and that, integrated with Farmapremium, make it possible to extend and personalize communication with users to the online world.

Another of the pillars of the work carried out by this innovation hub, complementary to the previous one, is to bring the cloud concept closer to the pharmacy as a tool that integrates solutions for its management, applying the advantages of digitization to the optimization of processes and facilitating the day to day.

Within this entire range of digital projects of Sigma for the pharmacy, a Business Intelligence system stands out, based on collaborative digitization and the analysis of aggregated data from a panel that already includes nearly 2,200 pharmacies. Raised as the main axis of management, it facilitates the decision-making of the pharmacy, exploiting the indicators of the main management areas, customers and the market.

In recent weeks, Repofarma has been presented, another pioneering project promoted by Sigma of great significance for the sector, designed to professionally bring all the digital content of the industry to the pharmacy.

At the same time, both cooperatives work looking for synergies in the areas most closely related to the traditional business of pharmaceutical distribution.

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