UTSLP students begin preparation for student mobility

The Technological University of San Luis Potosí as a public institution, offers its students the opportunity to participate in the National Call for Mexprotec Scholarships that allow graduates of Higher Technical University Level to study an academic year in France to obtain a Professional License or a specialty in Quebec, Canada.

In May, the call was published for students in the third semester to apply for the student mobility training program.

In order to join this program, it is a requirement to have a minimum GPA of 90 and participate in an academic interview with the academic direction of your career. All careers taught at the University are eligible for the scholarship.

After the interview, a training process in the French language begins, the cost of which is covered by the Technological University of San Luis Potosí with a duration of 2 semesters. In addition, the young people who participate in the mobility program receive academic advice on topics related to their career.

Once the preparation period is over, the students will participate in a national selection with students from all the Technological Universities of the country to obtain one of the scholarships available to study abroad. The Mexprotec scholarship covers the maintenance for 12 months in France or Canada, the tuition of the institution in the foreign country and the plane ticket to travel to the study center.

In 2020, even with the contingency, six students from the Technological University of San Luis Potosí received the scholarship to study in France and are expected to return in August with their degree obtained abroad, while the 2021-2022 generation of student mobility is preparing for the new selection process.

If as a young high school graduate you are interested in a university career with the possibility of obtaining an academic degree abroad, you are in time to process a file for the admission exam to the Technological University of San Luis Potosí. Request more information via WhatsApp at 444 579 0633.

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