Utah: A Playful and Sociable Border Collier Cross Looking for a Forever Home

Who am I ?

Utah, female, Border Collier cross, born on 05/23/2023

Adoptable in Brittany and nearby regions (meeting with a host family mandatory)

History: These 3 brothers and sisters were found abandoned in a parking lot, taking refuge in the bushes…

Description: They are very comfortable and sociable puppies, always ready to greet strangers. They explore their environment and do not react to engine noises, bouncing basketballs…

With dogs, they are respectful and understand when an adult does not want interaction. With cats, they can show their curiosity by barking, but always end up moving away and being discreet.

They are very playful whether with a comforter, the rope or the ball. They tend (unsurprisingly) to nibble at everything that comes their way but begin to realize that they won’t have access to everything.

They are not yet clean at night; during the day, they go outside when they have access to it.

Even if they are puppies well in their paws, they each have their specificity and will therefore not have the same needs. It is possible that one of the puppies will be recommended to you according to the conditions that you will have to offer him.

Shepherds are lively, intelligent, athletic dogs made to be stimulated and enjoy outdoor activities. A profile that goes in this direction will be required.

The classic recommendations are still valid:

  • Do not choose a dog only for its physical appearance or because the little puppy is cracking.

  • Adopt a puppy with the certainty of being able to meet its needs for the next 15 years: include it in its holidays, potential moves, veterinary expenses…

  • Having a professional life compatible with living with a dog and giving him the attention he needs.

  • Have a lot of patience and be ready to invest in the (positive) education of the puppy, its socialization with congeners and continue desensitization to external stimuli.

  • A good education will have a crucial influence on the behavior of your dog. We recommend a few dog training courses with a canine behaviorist, in order to prevent future behavior problems and have a happy and happy dog.

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– Cats: yes
– Dogs: yes
– Children: yes

Desired accommodation: house or large apartment

The puppies are identified by microchip, primary vaccinated, dewormed. Compulsory sterilization at 6 months.

To adopt them…

Adoption form:

Adoption process: www.unamiopoil.com/adopter

A question ? Send us an email: [email protected]

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