Ussuri volunteers saved the life of a dog freezing by the road

Ussuriisk, November 25. Netizens reported a dog that lives in a field near a road near Ussuriysk. Volunteers set up a kennel for the dog.

Motorists posted a post about the freezing dog on Instagram. It turned out that the unfortunate animal did not leave the place for about three months, while she did not have a place to sleep or food.

Volunteers of the Ussuri community “Akita” responded to the request of caring residents and found a place where the dog lives. Despite the cold and snow, the animal did not leave the field.

Volunteers built a booth and food containers for her. Some Internet users suggested that the dog was thrown out in this place by the previous owners, but she continues to wait for them.

Earlier, animal rights activists of Cherepovets rescued a stray dog ​​that had lived for two years in a trash can with a pipe around its neck.


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