Use of the dog in the forensic field, the collaboration between Unicam and Csea continues

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14/01/2022 – The new year will see the continuation of the collaboration between the Center for Applied Ethology Studies and the University of Camerino on issues relating to the use of dogs in the forensic field.

An operational “Detection dog” course will start in March, the objective of which is to train auxiliary units of the judicial police. Alongside this training activity, a cycle of conferences has been scheduled, in webinar mode, with the aim of focusing on both the cultural and scientific bases of current criminology (beyond the trends induced by news events) and some concrete examples of use of scientific methods in the field of criminal investigation.

The first appointment is for Saturday 22 January with the intervention of Professor Isabella Merzagora, Professor of Criminology at the State University of Milan and President of the Italian Society of Criminology. The multifactorial aspects that configure the crime and the figure of the criminologist characterized by interdisciplinary scientific skills that are used in the study and in the concrete intervention in the forensic and judicial field will be treated. On the basis of the case of little Giosuè, the tragedy of Caronia in Sicily, there will be an intervention to be fixed in the calendar by the Entomologist Stefano Vanin, professor of the University of Genoa, the specialist who dealt with that case.

The topic of forensic entomology will be dealt with: discipline, potential, limits and its application. Finally, the very important theme entitled “from violence against animals to interpersonal violence” reflects in the wake of stories of some murders, about the underestimation of how torture of dogs, cats and other animals constitutes a serious alarm bell, symptom of social dangerousness of adults and adolescents. This problem, which should seriously involve families, educators, psychologists and psychiatrists, will be dealt with on March 6 by Dr. Giovanna Bellini, a neurologist and criminologist from Livorno who has been involved for some time on the issue in her territory and in the judiciary.

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