Use Microsoft 365 groups as a guest

Welcome to Microsoft 365 groups. Groups help users work together by providing a Shared Inbox, Calendar, OneNote Notepad, and SharePoint for storing and sharing documents and photos. Most of the information you need is in the welcome email. This topic provides a little more information on how to interact with a group as a guest.

Email the group

Each Microsoft 365 group has its own inbox. As a guest, you cannot directly access the group’s inbox, but you can send them messages. Messages sent to the group by other members will appear in the inbox. This allows you to follow and participate in group conversations.

Suggestion: Add the group’s email address to your contacts and save the welcome message so you can refer back to it later.

Use las SharePoint

Groups have a group SharePoint. The team site is a central repository for group-related information, links, and files. Please select Ir a SharePoint in the welcome email, then bookmark the page in your browser for easy access later. As a group guest, you can view and edit files on the SharePoint group site.

Note: Access to the SharePoint group site is determined by the organization administrator and may not be available to all guests.

Use the group notebook

OneNote can use a notepad to collect and share information. Please select Go to shared notebook in the welcome email to open the notepad. To make it easier to get back to it, add it to favorites in the browser.

Receive group calendar invitations

Groups use a shared calendar to schedule and confirm events. As a guest, you cannot directly access the group calendar, but you will receive invitations to the events created in the group calendar and can accept them to add to your own calendar.


Select the Privacy Statement or Organization Privacy Statement for information on how Microsoft and the organization linked to the group use your personal information.

More information

Learn more about Microsoft 365 groups.

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