USA: Police report nine dead and several injured after shooting in California

Nine people, including the perpetrator of the shots, died this Wednesday in a shooting in downtown San José (California, USA), the spokesman for the county sheriff’s office reported at a press conference. Santa Clara, Russell Davis.

Davis also explained that there are several injured, some of them in serious condition and that the Police have found explosives at the scene.

The event occurred in the maneuvering yard that the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) has in the center of Saint Joseph, where it stores and carries out the maintenance tasks of the train cars.

The alleged perpetrator was a worker for the VTA, as are several of the victims, the police spokesman said. Police received the first notification call of the shooting at 06:34 on Wednesday local time.


In parallel, the Police of Saint Joseph is investigating a fire declared at the same time in a residential area of ​​the city, which according to local media would be the home of the author of the shots.

No one was in the house, but large quantities of ammunition cartridges and gasoline cans have been found.

With a population slightly over one million inhabitants, San José is the third largest city in California, and is located south of the San Francisco Bay, in the heart of the area with a great presence of the technological industry known as Silicon Valley.

The VTA announced that its light rail service, which connects San José with neighboring cities, will stop operating at noon and for the rest of the day in honor of the victims.

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