US tourist dies at airport, embassy seeks family for dog – Puglia

Entrusted to the kennel, we are looking for the victim’s relatives

(ANSA) – BARI, APRIL 18 – A US citizen died suddenly today in the Bari airport and his dog, left alone, was entrusted to the health pound while waiting for it to be understood through the US embassy if there is it is some relative of the man who can take care of it. It was the kennel itself who made the news known with a post on Facebook which states that “the US embassy is taking steps” and that the purpose of the post is “together with the state police, to track down as soon as possible possible, the relatives of the deceased”. The animal, a female bull terrier is regularly chipped.

“We cannot provide the data for privacy reasons – write the managers of the municipal kennel, but we are looking for shares and help in international and Californian groups so that we can quickly reach relatives and acquaintances of the bull terrier”.



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