US East Coast: At least six dead from Hurricane “Isaias”


“Isaias” caused chaos on the east coast of the USA, at least six people died because of the hurricane. Meteorologists believe that it will hardly weaken in the coming days either.

After arriving as a hurricane on the US east coast, storm “Isaias” killed at least six people inland, causing damage and chaos. North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper said two people were killed when a tornado from the storm system hit a RV complex.

A man and woman died in Maryland and New York City when falling trees crashed on their cars, according to authorities. In Delaware, a woman was killed by a branch. In Pennsylvania, a woman’s car was hit by water and swept away, and she died.

“It doesn’t look real; it looks like it is on TV. Nothing is there,” Bertie County Sheriff John Holley told reporters in North Carolina.

Wind speeds of 136 kilometers per hour

“Isaias” landed on Monday evening (local time) near Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina. According to the National Hurricane Center NHC, it brought it to wind speeds of 136 kilometers per hour. Later “Isaias” weakened from a hurricane to a tropical storm, in the evening the wind still had speeds of more than 100 kilometers per hour.

The wind gusts piled up dozens of boats at moorings, and many ship decks on the water were destroyed. There were also reports of floods and fires, and dozens of people were displaced. In the community of Ocean Isle Beach, many houses were flooded, at least five had caught fire, said Mayor Debbie Smith the television channel WECT-TV. The utility Duke Energy reported hundreds of thousands of power outages.

Storm surge warnings around Philadelphia

Storm surge warnings were in effect in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area and along part of I-95. Royce Potter, owner of a seafood delivery service, said he sat out the storm on a boat near his shop because the weather forecast gave him the impression that his area would be spared. “They were wrong there.”

In the morning, local residents would sweep up the rubble or pick it up with their bare hands. Meteorologists did not expect the storm to weaken significantly. “We still believe that there will be very strong and gusty winds in the next day or two,” said hurricane specialist Robbie Berg of the AP news agency. According to the NHC, “Isaias” moved in the evening at almost 65 kilometers per hour in the north-northeast direction.


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