(Updated on June 8) Notice of re-postponement schedule of “NAOTO & Shinya Kiyozuka Acoustic Duo Concert” – Shikochu-Hall

The re-postponement schedule for the Ehime performance, which was postponed on May 9, 2021, has been decided.
Date and time: January 16, 2022 (Sun) Opening 13:00 / Opening 14:00
* July 26, 2020 (Sun) → May 9, 2021 (Sun) will be postponed again
Venue: Shikochu-Hall (Ehime)

Please keep your ticket in a safe place until the release date.
In addition, tickets will be refunded to customers who are unable to attend the transfer performance.

Refund method
: If you purchased at Shikochu-Hall, please bring your ticket and come to the museum.
contact information
: Music Center Osakaya TEL0875-25-2201 (Closed on Thursdays from 10:00 to 19:00)

Refund period June 15, 2021-July 31, 2021
* Please note that we cannot accept refunds after the period ends.
* Tickets with stubs are eligible for refund. Refunds are not possible without a stub.

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