UPDATE The head of ATI from the Hospital „St. Pantelimon ”gave medicines only to young patients

UPDATE. Representatives of the Control Corps of the Minister of Health and of the Emergency Medicine Service will make checks, next week, at the Hospital “St. Pantelimon ”from the Capital, following the information regarding the possible age discrimination of the patients from the ATI Section of the unit, announces, on Thursday, the Ministry of Health, which also says that age discrimination or any other form of discrimination between patients is unacceptable and is a violation of the law.

He published on Thursday, on tolo.ro, a recording from May 30, 2016, in which the head of ATI, Dr. Laura Constantinescu, tells the outraged doctors that they do not have enough drugs to prefer to save. “If we give to everyone, we no longer have medication for those who deserve it,” says Laura Constantinescu.

In the same recording, the head of ATI says that either “we give them to those young and those with chances”, or “we don’t have them for those who deserve and we don’t care anymore that this is the budget”.

According to the doctor who made the recording available to Tolontan, at ATI “St. Pantelimon ”, the drugs are kept under lock and key, and the key is taken home by the head nurse. This testimony was confirmed even by the hospital pharmacist, Mioara Duvlea, who said, according to tolo.ro: “As far as I know, the law stipulates that doctors must have access to medicines at any time. Now it has been found that they are under lock and key and are not in the hospital. “

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The management of the hospital started an investigation after the respective revelations, Laura Constantinescu and the chief nurse from ATI being suspended during this period.

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