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Penza hosted the final of the regional stage of the Tatar Kyzy 2022 competition. The competition has been held by the Tatar national-cultural autonomy of the region annually since 2014. Aigul Kaftaeva, a student of the Institute of Physical Culture and Sports of the Penza State University, became the winner.

For several months, the participants of “Tatar kyzy” went through an educational and cultural program, studied with teachers in choreography, vocals and artistic expression. There were nine competitive tasks in the regional stage.

Aigul told how the competition was held and shared her impressions.

– We congratulate you on your victory in the “Tatar Kyzy” contest. Is this not your first victory at beauty and talent contests?

— This is my first victory in such a big competition. Until that moment, I did not participate in beauty and talent contests. Therefore, this victory will be remembered for a long time! Although the very word competition already implies competition (the first place is only one and goes to the most worthy), we had a very friendly atmosphere. We made friends with the girls, supported each other, helped, gave advice.

— Is it possible to say that such an atmosphere is formed due to the upbringing in Tatar families?

– The purpose of the competition is to preserve the national image of Tatar women, return traditions, customs, foster love for the native land and respect for the Tatar language. The main norms, rules for raising children in Tatar families are, first of all, respectful, caring attitude towards parents, elders, children, mutual responsibility of parents and children to each other. But I also believe that upbringing, education and respect are the three main pillars on which the very concept of a cultured person rests.

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– Tell me about your family.

Family is the most important thing in the life of every person. From birth, a person is surrounded by loving and caring parents. Beloved people will always help in a difficult situation, support with a word, raise self-confidence. I have a very friendly and large family: dad, mom, grandfather, grandmother and two younger brothers. We all live in the same house. All my family, my relatives throughout the competition supported and cheered for me!

– Competitions among girls are always high competition. Was it difficult and what stages did you find difficult?

– Of course, I must say that the competitive tasks were not easy. So, we knitted warm clothes for the mobilized. They also had to cook a national dish, show their talents: sing a song, demonstrate knowledge of cultural customs. And we also had a competition dedicated to the knowledge of the Tatar language. I can say that, as a Tatar, it is difficult for me to speak Russian, but in general, knowing two languages ​​is very cool.

In the competitive part, dedicated to the creative direction, it was probably easier for me than for the rest of the girls. Because I have been familiar with art since childhood. From an early age, she studied vocals under the guidance of Venera Shagvaleeva and studied in the Domisolka ensemble. I took part in various events, concerts, so I am not afraid of the stage. She also graduated from a dance school and a music school in the accordion class.

– Who did you decide to become in the future? What are your plans for the future?

– My choice of future profession is connected with the fact that I love children very much, and the profession of a teacher for me is a continuation of the dynasty: my great-grandmother and great-grandfather, grandmother, great aunts, great aunt – teachers. Yes, I have always loved sports. And in the near future: to study, because the session is coming soon and prepare for the next stage of the Tatar-Kyzy competition, which will be held in Kazan in 2023.

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