Unveiling the Evolution of the Mexican National Emblem: A Journey Through History

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These patriotic dates in which we are about to celebrate another anniversary of the Independence of Mexico stands out for different reasons, such as, for example, gastronomy, folklore, culture and especially patriotic symbolswhich will stand out on the night of September 15: the flag, the anthem and the national shield. The latter holds a revelation that, according to National Geographic en Español, calls into question his elements.

In this sense, we will talk about the latter, the National Emblem. This involves a myth of the capital of the Mexica culture, which attributes that the god of war, Huitzilopochtli, would indicate to the people the place where a city would be built and would be manifested by a eagle devouring one snake.

While, Experts in the field took on the task of beginning to search for the oldest element of the signal that served as a sign to found the Mexican capital, which is why the researchers discovered that this element (the snake) was added to National Emblem after the Conquest.

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Mexican National Coat of Arms

“Teocalli of the sacred war” is a Mexica monolith that represents the National Emblem Mexican. According to National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH)the reliefs of the monolith represent the triumph of the sun and the power of the Mexica culture after having founded their city represented with a royal eagle that can be seen on a cactus.

However, something that draws attention in the “Teocalli of the sacred war” is that at the peak of the eagle Instead of finding a snake, there is a symbol pre-Hispanic known as “atl-tlachinolli”, which represents a war insignia, according to the director of the INAH Templo Mayor Project, Leonardo López Luján.

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what happened to him? National Emblem on the flag of Mexico?

It was during the colonial era when the founding sign of the Mexica city was reinterpreted and the change from the atl-tlachinolli to the snake managed to transcend Mexico and today. It should be noted that the atl-tlachinolli was a symbol that interpreted the divine and sacred conception in war.

On the other hand, Javier Torres Medina, academic at the Faculty of Higher Studies (FES) Acatlán, highlighted that, during the last 200 years, our country has had four flags with different variations in their design. Currently the flag of Mexico is recognized worldwide as one of the most beautiful.

Illustrative Photo: Cuartoscuro


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