Until when can I submit the application for the 2021-22 academic year?

The Ministry of Education offers each year the becas MEC so that they can request them the students of Baccalaureate, Vocational Training, university studies and those who carry out an Erasmus. These grants were created to be able to defray the costs of enrollment, school supplies, textbooks, dining rooms, trips and stays, for those students who are studying in another Autonomous Community or abroad.

Once the students are already enrolled in one of the educational levels that are eligible for the scholarship, they have to apply for this aid from the MEC. The deadline for submitting the application for the academic year 2021-22 it begins in mid-August and lasts until the beginning of October, in the case of non-university students, and until mid-October, for university students.

The resolution These grants are usually communicated to the applicant by email or by regular mail. In the case of being denied, a deadline is opened for claims or for the delivery of documentation that is yet to be delivered.

Depending on the threshold in which the students are found, both university and non-university, the amount of the scholarship will be higher or lower depending on the expenses they pay.

The amount of these scholarships It is divided into a fixed and variable amount, the latter can vary depending on factors such as income, residence or insularity. On the one hand, the economic amount to which the students choose not university it is 1,600 euros, for the fixed amount linked to income; of 1,500 euros for the fixed one linked to the residence; 200 euros for the basic and between 50 and 125 euros for the fixed linked to excellence in academic performance.

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On the other hand, university They usually have the tuition for the course covered and, in addition, a fixed amount linked to income of 1,500 euros; a fixed one linked to the residence of 1,500 euros; a variable amount of at least 60 euros and an insularity amount of between 442 and 937 euros.

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