UNT instructor promotes character conservation by pictures

He is the winner of several awards and has registered 36 species of birds in Ciudad Universitaria of the UNT.

Pictures is the magic of perpetuating the ephemeral seconds, it is that rectangle of an image where by the transience of lifestyle stops so that later on the wheel proceeds in its everlasting turning. Images results in being the magical instrument that will return us to that second that will never ever return. Even so, considerably of the richness that impacts us from a photograph will be because of to the eye and soul of the particular person who captures the magical moment.

This tool is applied by Luis Pollack Velásquez, a professor at the College of Organic Sciences of the Countrywide College of Trujillo, who with images seeks to encourage character conservation in his college students and in the general inhabitants. The professor lives this website link with the surroundings on a each day foundation, currently being in recent yrs a speaker at all situations related to the defense of dry forests, Andean ecosystems, security and conservation of wild flora and fauna, among the others.

Pollack continuously promotes chicken watching functions among the college neighborhood in Ciudad Universitaria de la UNT, wherever he has registered 36 species of birds, 3 of which are migratory birds: “Northern Tyrant” (A tyrant, a tyrant), “Wide-winged Eagle” (Buteo platypterus) and “Red-eye Vireo” (Vireo olivaceus), a bird from the Amazon that would be the to start with record for Trujillo and the second document for the La Libertad location.

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In 2014 with the photograph “A instant to feed” exactly where he captures a pectoral sandpiper (Calidris melanatos), attained initially position in the photographic contest of the birds of Peru of the IX Congress of Ornithology held in Ayacucho.

In 2017, it was rated 20th amid the 100 finest pictures picked out by specialists, photographers and the standard public and is the first in all of Peru in the 35AWARDS Award, an worldwide grand prize of the professional photography community 35photograph.professional.

Dr. Pollack participated with the impression of a monarch butterfly sucking nectar from the plant of the lantana genus, which was taken outside the house the UNT Astronomical Observatory in the early morning, the place the sun’s rays improved illuminate the species, completely highlighting its shades.


The spaces where by Pollack’s lens captures lovely illustrations or photos are the shores of some beaches such as Puerto Salaverry or Puerto Morín. As effectively as the Ciudad Universitaria de la UNT, where by it has records of specimens of birds such as the Whistling Flycatcher, High-quality Thrush or the Kestrel attentive to the arrival of its attainable prey.

One more lovely photograph of the instructor is that of a Peruvian canastero (Asthenes was shy) taken in its pure habitat amongst cacti in El Bosque Shamana, Shulgón farmhouse, district of Salpo (Otuzco), with which he participated in the La Pluma Escarlata 2019 contest. Furthermore, Pollack’s eye has noticed and recorded in his digital catalog the American Oystercatcher, Black-footed Tern, Dominican Gull and Avocet. Let’s love the universe that Pollack has frozen for posterity!

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