University students will receive the payment of the 2021 competition scholarship from this Wednesday

University students who were selected in the 2021 General Scholarship Contest will receive their payments starting this Wednesday, June 30.

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The Institute for Training and Use of Human Resources (Ifarhu) has already set up the calendars for the different areas of the country.

In the case of students residing in Panama Centro, they must book their appointment through the Fluyapp application.

Once they schedule their space, students will have to go to the 6th floor of the institution, at the main headquarters.

On the day of payment, the beneficiary will only have to present their personal identity card.

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Regarding the schedules for disbursements in other parts of the country, Ifarhu reported that they will be updated soon with complete information for all areas.

Some regionals will pay according to the university and alphabetically according to the last name.

To verify you can access the following link: Calendars of the first payment to university students of contest 2021.

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This year, more than 5,000 university students received the benefit through the contest, among more than 30,000 applicants.

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