United States: Microsoft will not buy TikTok, the application could come under the control of Oracle


In the name of national security, Donald Trump takes a very negative view of the TikTok application of the Chinese company ByteDance. The American president had threatened to block it in the United States if it did not come under the control of an American company before September 15.

On August 6, the US administration issued an executive order giving 45 days, which left until September 20 to complete the deal.

According to him, even if no proof has been provided, this application is in fact a vast social network of espionage for the benefit of China. TikTok responded by filing a complaint against the US administration.

Immediately in the United States, several giants like Microsoft in partnership with Walmart showed their interest in this nugget. But it is ultimately Oracle who should win. According to the Wall Street Journal, ByteDance and Oracle should sign “a privileged technological partnership” but a direct sale is not on the agenda.

100 million users in the United States

Indeed, Beijing recently changed its list of technologies subject to export restrictions or bans, making it difficult to sell TikTok USA outright. Among these technologies, in fact, is the artificial intelligence that made the success of the application, where the videos are displayed mainly according to the tastes of the user.

Microsoft said on Sunday that its offer had not been accepted. “We are convinced that our proposal was good for TikTok users, while protecting national security interests,” says the IT giant, adding: “To do this, we would have made significant changes to ensure that the service responds to the highest standards of security, privacy and anti-disinformation. We look forward to seeing how the service evolves in these important areas. “

It remains to be seen whether this agreement will receive the blessing of the White House or if Donald Trump will disconnect the plug of this application which is meeting growing success.

From 11 million users in early 2018 in the United States, TikTok has grown to 100 million today, including 50 million every day out of a total of 689 million worldwide. As of August, TikTok claims 2 billion downloads with a presence in more than 200 countries.

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