United States: In his toast to the bride and groom, Trump mostly talks about himself

Posted29 mars 2021, 12:21

Speaking at a wedding celebrated in his club in Mar-a-Lago, the former president spoke of China, Iran, migrants and recalled that the election had been stolen from him: long live the newlyweds!

Donald Trump took out his tuxedo for his speech to the bride and groom (photo illustration).


When you choose to get married at the golf resort in Mar-a-Lago, Florida, you have to be pro-Trump instead, since the former president owns it. So on Saturday night, when the billionaire came to the dance floor to say a word to the bride and groom, they must have been delighted with the charming message he was going to send them.

Except that, as we see in a video that TMZ was able to obtain, Donald Trump will mainly talk about the policy of his successor. “I get all these reports and they talk to me about the border, they talk to me about China, they talk to me about Iran. Iran, they were ready to make a deal… they would have done anything. And this guy (Joe Biden) abandons the sanctions, then he says: We would like to negotiate ”.

“Do you still miss me?”

Then he goes on to a subject close to his heart, the Mexican border, along which he had his wall erected: “The border is not good, it’s worse than ever. They are thousands and thousands to come from South America ”. Behind him, the musicians wait patiently before being able to play again. The room is silent, until Trump asks, “Do you miss me again?” which triggers cries and applause.

But still nothing on the bride and groom. The former tenant of the White House looks back on his lost election, which was stolen from him, he continues to say, citing figures that have been rigged, according to him. After two minutes of talking about himself and his successor, Donald Trump finally has a word for the newlyweds, John and Megan Arrigo: “It’s an honor to have you at Mar-a-Lago. You are a great and wonderful couple! ” And that’s all!

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