Unions ask for 153 million more in Education budgets and bet on individualized attention

Fernández made these statements after meeting with representatives of other Education unions, such as UGT, SIDI, STEM and AMPE, with the Secretary of the United We Can Organization and coordinator of the Mixed parliamentary group, Ángel Luis Hernández. During the meeting they have evaluated the regional budgets and have put forward proposals for improvement for the period of partial amendments.

In this sense, the CCOO representative has raised the need to promote the educational stage from 0 to 3 years and expand the number of places both in this educational stage and in adult education.

In addition, he recalled the infrastructure problems of the centers, such as the deafness program, which they consider to be progressing slowly or the need to attend to air conditioning needs. “It is necessary to address a shadow plan in the schools of the Region in collaboration with the Federation of Municipalities and address actions that improve the quality of assistance to students,” he indicated.

According to Fernández, it is necessary “to increase education budgets and for this application to guarantee better individualized attention to students in the Region.” The CCOO representative has stated that at least this year “150 million more would be needed. A part of that amount could come from state funds,” he said.

Among other measures that they propose, the fact of hiring the staff that during this course have been working to reinforce the Covid-19 stands out. “They should be incorporated in a stable way,” he asked. Similarly, it has requested an increase in the number of open classrooms that exist in educational centers.

However, he has indicated that “many of the measures cannot be applied only in a budget. Some of them need to have long-term agreements, 6 or 8 years,” he said while making it clear that “they should steps are taken to reach an agreement that allows these measures to be carried out in the next four years. “

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On the part of United We Can, Ángel Luis Hernández reiterated that the budgets for this exercise “are late and will have to be applied retroactively.” In his opinion, this year’s Accounts “follow the trend of previous years, delve into the path of mistreatment of the Ministry of public centers, refuse to reverse the cuts.”

Hernández explained that the amendments that they will present to the budgets will include measures to reduce the ratio of students per classroom, lower the teaching load


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