Unbelievable that the best bread for lowering blood sugar is also the best

High blood sugar or hyperglycemia is the excessive presence of sugar in the blood, as well as that pathological situation that can lead to diabetes. Those suffering from high blood sugar must adapt their diet to the needs of their body. This means giving up some foods and replacing them with others with lower carbohydrates and a lower glycemic index. While it is certainly not recommended for a hyperglycemic to eat sweets and fruit that is too sugary, the question of bread is still debated. Those with high blood sugar can eat bread as long as they choose it carefully. And it is incredible that the best bread to lower blood sugar is also the best according to the tastes of many consumers. We are talking about the sprouted rye bread, also known as Pangermoglio.

Because the pangermoglio keeps high blood sugar at bay

Sprouted rye bread is recognizable by its characteristic very dark shade and its very dense texture. It is made by harnessing the whole grain of wheat. Although nutritionally similar to other breads made with whole wheat flour, pangermoglio contains fewer carbohydrates and more fiber and has a lower glycemic index. The high rate of fiber also increases the sense of satiety and slows down the assimilation of carbohydrates. This results in a lower release of insulin and a lowering of the blood sugar level. For this reason, sprouted rye bread is the most recommended for those suffering from high blood sugar or those already suffering from diabetes. But pangermoglio, thanks to its texture and its particular flavor, is also one of the most flexible and appreciated in the kitchen.

Unbelievable that the best bread for lowering blood sugar is also the best

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Light, healthy and good for the palate, sprouted rye bread is the absolute best when it comes to snacking. Its strong yet neutral flavor makes it usable for both sweet and savory recipes. Two suggestions: it is irresistible with Greek yogurt and forest fruit jam, but also with robiola and bresaola.


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