Ukraine Russia News Update: Missiles hit Kyiv after Zelensky snubs Putin at ‘G19’ speech

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At least two explosions were heard in Kyiv on Tuesday and thick smoke could be seen rising over the city,

The blasts came hours after Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky called on leaders of the G20 summit to end Vladimir Putin’s incursion, after warnings of airstrikes were issued across Ukraine.

“Russia responds to @Zelensky’s powerful speech at #G20 with new missile strike. Does anyone really think the Kremlin really wants peace? It needs obedience. But at the end of the day, terrorists always lose,” Chief of Staff Ann Ann Dere Yermak wrote on Twitter.

Zelensky, who presented a 10-point peace plan at the Bali summit, said: “We will not let Russia sit still and muster its forces. I believe that now is the time to stop the Russian war.”

The Ukrainian president called the G20 the G19 to snub Vladimir Putin because he did not consider Russia part of the group.


U.S. strongly condemns Russian missile attack on Ukraine

White House national security adviser Jack Sullivan said the United States strongly condemned Russia’s missile attacks on Ukraine on Tuesday, saying they appeared to hit residential buildings in the capital Kyiv and elsewhere in the country.

“We have not forgotten that when world leaders discussed issues of great significance to the lives and livelihoods of people around the world at the G20 summit in Bali, Russia once again threatened their lives and destroyed critical infrastructure in Ukraine. ,” Sullivan said in a statement.

“These strikes in Russia only deepen G20 concerns about the destabilizing effects of Putin’s war.”

Aisha Rimmy15 November 2022 17:07


Shelling in southern Russia kills two and wounds three

Governor Vyacheslav Gladkov did not provide further details about the events in the town of Shebekino.

Belgorod is one of several regions in southern Russia where targets such as fuel and ammunition depots have been affected by explosions since the start of the war, which Moscow says is an attack in Ukraine. Without claiming responsibility, Kyiv described them as “karma” for the Russian invasion.

Aisha Rimmy15 November 2022 16:55


Russia fires 100 missiles at Ukraine today

Russian troops fired about 100 missiles into Ukraine today, Yuri Ignat, spokesman for the Ukrainian Armed Forces Air Force Command, said.

According to reports, Ukraine has announced a large-scale air alert. Russian missiles hit infrastructure objects and residential buildings.

Strikes were reported in Kharkov, Lviv and Zhitomyr.

Aisha Rimmy15 November 2022 16:43


‘We will survive’ as Zelensky warns Ukrainians of more missile strikes

President Zelensky warned Ukrainians they could face more Russian missile strikes on Tuesday after a wave of attacks, but said the country would survive.

“I know the (missile) attack shuts down energy in many places… We are working on it, we will restore everything, we will survive,” he said in a video shared on Telegram.

He said the Russian army had launched 85 missiles today and “20 more” were expected today.

Aisha Rimmy15 November 2022 16:23


At least one dead in Russian missile attack on Kyiv

At least one person was killed in a Russian missile attack in Kyiv on Tuesday, the city’s mayor said.

Mayor Vitaly Klitschko said a body was pulled from a residential building hit in central Pechersk.

Aisha Rimmy15 November 2022 16:06


Macron says France, Turkey will continue efforts to allow Ukrainian grain exports

French President Emmanuel Macron said France and Turkey would continue their efforts to boost Ukrainian grain exports hit by the Russian invasion.

President Macron made the remarks on Twitter and posted a photo of his meeting with Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan at the G20 summit in Bali.

The statement also said Macron “relyed on Turkey’s vigilance to help combat attempts to circumvent European sanctions against Russia and Belarus.”

Aisha Rimmy15 November 2022 15:56


Energy situation ‘critical’ after Russia attack, presidential aide says

Ukraine’s energy situation is “critical” following Russia’s missile attack on Tuesday that damaged energy infrastructure, the deputy head of the presidential office said.

National grid operator Ukrenergo said the worst hit were the northern and central regions, which had seen emergency power outages for “all categories of consumers”. It also announced a special emergency blackout in Kyiv.

Aisha Rimmy15 November 2022 15:40


Russia isolated, China calls for Ukraine’s ‘territorial integrity’

China’s Xi Jinping joined G20 leaders in calling for an end to Vladimir Putin’s war, a move that has left Russia more isolated on the world stage than ever before.

Chinese officials have largely avoided public criticism of Russia’s war effort, although Beijing has avoided direct support for the Russians, such as by supplying weapons.

But after the meeting with Xi, French President Emmanuel Macron said they called for “respect for Ukraine’s territorial integrity and sovereignty,” in another sign of public dissatisfaction with China. Macron tweeted that France and China were determined to “end the escalation of the war in Ukraine and deal with its consequences”.

“We join President Xi Jinping in calling for respect for Ukraine’s territorial integrity and sovereignty,” French President Emmanuel Macron tweeted earlier on Tuesday after a meeting with Xi.

“The consequences of this conflict transcend European borders: only through close coordination between France and China can we overcome them.”

Biden said that in his meeting with Xi on Monday, they discussed the war and “reaffirmed our shared belief” that the use or even the threat of use of nuclear weapons is “totally unacceptable” – a reference to Moscow’s concealment of its use The threat of atomic weapons faltered as its invasion of Ukraine faltered.

Mariam Zakir-Hussein15 November 2022 15:25


Russia hits Ukrainian cities as G20 leaders meet

Russia struck cities and energy facilities across Ukraine in a new round of missile strikes as leaders of the Group of 20 nations held a summit in Bali on Tuesday dominated by Russia’s war on Ukraine.

Missiles hit the capital Kyiv, Lviv and Rivno in the west, Kharkov in the northeast, Kriverich and Poltava in the center, Odessa in the south and Zhitomyr in the north. and some cities.

Western nations at the G20 meeting sought to agree on a statement condemning the Russian aggression following a video speech by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, but there was no immediate news of casualties but energy disruption in several regions.

Kyiv Mayor Vitaly Klitschko said about half of the capital was without power and two residential buildings in the city center were hit.

About 15 devastated residents gathered on the smoldering side of a five-story apartment building, a Reuters reporter who arrived at the scene after the attack said.

“I was in the apartment during the air-raid warning. I saw a light outside the window and I knew something was going to happen. Then I heard the sound because it was approaching,” said Otto, 22, who lives in the apartment building. Lexandra said.

“As the rocket was flying, I saw bright flames from the window and the sound of something flying nearby. I went out right away. I saw people running out of our building and there was smoke.”

Mariam Zakir-Hussein15 November 2022 15:18


ICYMI: Former Russian PM says Kherson withdrawal is ‘beginning of Putin’s end’

Former Russian PM says Kherson withdrawal is ‘beginning of Putin’s end’

Mariam Zakir-HusseinNovember 15, 2022 15:00

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