Ukraine, rescued dog with “Z” on the muzzle engraved by the Russian army. Video

The video of the dog with the letter “Z” on its face, possibly engraved by the Russian army, was relaunched by former Ukrainian minister Anton Gerashchenko.

Even the animals pay the horror of guerra in Ukraine. As soon as the country’s army expelled Russian soldiers from the village of Chupovka, near Kharkiv, the Ukrainian military noticed a cane which had engraved the letter “Z”, symbol of the troops of Vladimir Putinon the muzzle.

To spread the video, which went viral on the webwas the former Ukrainian minister Anton Gerashchenko. “Surely the “Z” was made by the Russians who had occupied the territory. I also remind you of the beaten dog that they left to die in a pit and that our men saved“, Added the politician.

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