UK Lockdown, Queen Elizabeth-Prince Philip Celebrates Anniversary …



LONDONQueen of England Elizabeth IIand her husband Prince Philip celebrated their 73rd wedding anniversary on Friday (20/11/2020). However, they cannot celebrate this happy moment with the family because UK is currently under lockdown corona virus.

Queen Elizabeth II (94) and Prince Philip (99) married at Westminster Abbey in London on November 20, 1947, just two years after the end of the Second World War.

To commemorate their anniversary, Buckingham Palace released a photo of the smiling queen and her husband looking at the cards made by her great-grandchildren Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, as well as cards and cards from other parties.

The photo was taken at Windsor Castle, the queen’s home in west London where the couple lived during the lockdown.

In honor of their wedding anniversary, Queen Elizabeth wore a chrysanthemum brooch, made of sapphire and diamonds, which she wore to take pictures at Broadlands in southern England during their honeymoon.(Also read:Amid the Corona Pandemic, Queen Elizabeth Postpones Birthday Celebrations)

The couple first met when they attended the wedding of Prince Philip’s cousin, Princess Marina of Greece, to Queen Elizabeth’s uncle, Duke of Kent, in 1934.

Philip stole the attention of his future wife when the then 13-year-old daughter and her parents visited the British Royal Naval College in Dartmouth, southwest England where she became a cadet.

While royal observers say Elizabeth and Philip go through ups and downs like a married couple, they have avoided interfering with the fate of the marriages of three of their four children which ended in divorce. The divorce that caught the most attention, of course, was between their eldest son Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana.

“He has, simply been, been my strength and has endured this long,” said Elizabeth as the couple celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in 1997.

The UK is currently in a second national lockdown due to a surge in coronavirus cases.(Also read:The First Time, Queen Elizabeth Wears a Mask in Public)

The royal family was directly hit by the pandemic in March when Prince Charles, Queen Elizabeth’s oldest son and heir to the British throne, tested positive. The results of the diagnosis were announced directly to the office of Prince Charles and the royal son completed a period of self-isolation in Scotland.

The 71-year-old later said he had only mild symptoms.

Last week it was revealed that Prince William, the second heir to the throne, also tested positive for Covid-19 in early 2020, according to the BBC, citing palace sources.



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