UGC guidelines for final year exams, academic calendar revised soon


UGC guidelines for final year exams, academic calendar revised soon

New Delhi:

The higher education regulator, University Grants Commission or UGC, is expected to publish a amended UGC guidelines concerning the final year exams and the academic calendarar soon. On June 24, the news agency PTI reported that the revised guidelines should be announced by the higher education regulator within a week. Reports cited officials saying that thxams for final year students at universities and higher education institutions scheduled to be held in July are expected to be canceled due to the spike in COVID-19 cases, and the start of the new term should be postponed to October .

Ramesh, Minister of Human Resources Development of the Union (HRD) PokhriyalNishankhad asked the University Grants Commission (UGC) to review the guidelines issued earlier for the midterm and terminal semester exam, as well as the academic calendar due to the increase in COVID-19 cases in the country.

At the same time, in view of a directive issued by the Union Ministry of Human Resources Asking states to postpone all exams, the Gujarat government on Wednesday overturned its decision to conduct final year exams for various courses at public universities within hours of the announcement.

According to officials, a panel, set up by the UGC and chaired by Haryana University Vice Chancellor RC Kuhad, was asked to review the guidelines and suggest alternative options.

At the same time, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Haryana have decided to cancel the exams for all university students. Students will be promoted to these states based on their previous performance.

“The department has made it clear that the basis of the revised guidelines must be the health and safety of students, teachers Staff. The Committee of Experts is of the opinion that the examinations due in July at most universities in accordance with the revised academic calendar should be canceled and that the marks for the final examination should be awarded according to the past performance of each student.

“Students who are not satisfied with the final marks awarded to them on the basis of previous exams, may have the opportunity to improvise their scores by taking exams later when the pandemic subsides,” said a senior official. said.

“Likewise, the start of the new academic session, which was previously planned for students already enrolled from August and first year students from September, should also be postponed to October. Deliberations are underway and final directives in this regard will be announced shortly. However, all the guidelines will be subject to revision depending on the situation of COVID-19 “, added the official.

Schools, colleges and educational institutions will remain closed until July 31, in accordance with guidelines issued by the Union Ministry of Internal Affairs (MHA) June 29 for COVID-192 unlocking. The new guidelines came into effect on July 1. The new guidelines are based on comments received from States and UTs, and on in-depth consultations held with the relevant ministries and central departments.

Schools and colleges have been closed since March 16. In the first COVID-19 unlocking guidelines, the government said a decision to reopen schools would be made after a meeting with stakeholders in July.

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