“Udopium” and the world as colorful as a liqueur – Udo Lindenberg turns 75

Suddenly, not only are concerts missing and the audience staying at home, but Udo Lindenberg’s “living room” is also empty. The Hamburg hotel “Atlantic” has been the musician’s permanent residence since the 1990s. Lindenberg likes to call his living room the area with the lobby and bar – where he created “Likörelle”, which he painted with liqueur colors, and where he usually drinks and eggnog with the guests Fans are waiting for a photo with him. Like other hotels, the top hotel on the Alster was suddenly orphaned due to the pandemic – the Corona silence reminded him of the abandoned hotel in the horror classic “Shining”, he says. With a happy ending for him and his fans: shortly before Lindenberg turns 75 this Monday, he launched a new “Udopium”.

New album with best off, but also new material

The album “Udopium – Das Beste” has now been released with 75 songs: a best of, but also new material. Not just looking back, but right in the middle and with visions. “I’m faster than my age, a sprinter and marathon man,” said Lindenberg in an interview with the German Press Agency in Hamburg. “Age stands for radicalism and mastery and not for sagging.”

The native Westphalian (Gronau) has been making music for almost his entire life, initially as a drummer. In 1968 he came to Hamburg as a hitchhiker and drummer. At that time the music bar “Onkel Pö” became his living room and he lived together with colleagues like Otto Waalkes and Marius Müller-Westernhagen in a “Villa Kunterbunt” flat share. Today he rocks for his new video on the roof of the Elbphilharmonie.

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He remained a “Pippo Longstocking”, says Lindenberg. Someone who has always made the world the way he likes it. And also likes to turn it upside down – even if it’s down for him. He has experienced ups and downs in all extremes. The first album as a singer (“Lindenberg”), still in English, was a commercial flop in 1971. But with a new German rock’n’roll language and “real street snacks”, he revolutionized German rock music in the 1970s, landed hits and celebrated huge revues.

“Contemporary witness, but also a co-designer”

Long before the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, he tried to make appearances with his fans in eastern Germany and for a reunified Germany, lived through dark times such as alcohol crashes and then enthused again – long written off by most – since the comeback “Stark wie Zwei” (2008) on tours through sold-out arenas and football stadiums.

According to the DolceRita Music label, Lindenberg wrote almost 1000 songs between 1971 and 2021. The best of also begins with “Hoch im Norden” in the early 1970s and extends to the 36th and most recent studio album “Stronger than Time” (2016). “My songs have always reflected everything: whether peace movement, student revolts, gay and lesbian movements, the fall of the Berlin Wall or now Fridays for Future”, he says and sees himself “as a contemporary witness, but also a co-creator”.

Someone who still has “Udopia”: “The great tasks of mankind can only be regulated on an international level. A world government must come, at least for global issues, ”demands Lindenberg and puts on the to-do list:“ Abolish the military! The coal that saves you – you could feed everyone in the world immediately with it, and you also need the money to avert the climate catastrophe. “

More outlook than review on the new album

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In his 4 new songs, the one who has since been vaccinated against Corona relies on a dose that he lives: more outlook than retrospect. Satisfied, he looks back in “Just like that” with the conviction: “I would do it again exactly as it was. With every high-altitude flight and every valley descent. “” Right in the middle “of life he sees himself in the next title – and hopeful:” We’re starting again, that was enough privation “, he sings,” painting us like Likörelle, the dark world colorful again ” .

Ultimately, he recommends listening to what you feel elsewhere: “My heart is my compass and shows me the way”. Lindenberg is also full of confidence for the way out of the pandemic: “There is land in sight up there, you can’t give up now,” says another of the new titles, encouraging us – “because golden times are not far away when we are stand together “.

Many people were hit very hard by the consequences of the corona pandemic, says Lindenberg, but he is doing relatively well, he still has his painting. He hopes to be able to catch up on his canceled tour next year. The time without concerts was like a “cold withdrawal” for him – and the extensive isolation of the past few months was “a rare experience”.

“Alone with me, explored the depths of my soul. Where even the brightest flashlight can’t get through, for days and nights – you never have that. ”He doesn’t see his new“ Udopium ”as a nostalgic record. “When you look back, you look straight ahead – into a fairer world,” says Lindenberg. “Making the world a better place, I’ve always seen that as my job.”

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Udo Lindenberg is to become an honorary citizen of Hamburg

Udo Lindenberg is to become an honorary citizen of Hamburg. This was suggested by Hamburg’s Mayor Peter Tschentscher (SPD) on the singer’s 75th birthday on Monday. “Udo Lindenberg found his home in Hamburg over 50 years ago and started his musical career here. He shaped Hamburg and Hamburg shaped him, ”said Tschentscher. Lindenberg has always used his popularity for clear messages for freedom and tolerance, against violence and discrimination.


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