UdeC student recognized at national scholarship event “Roberto Rocca”

Edgar Josué Casarrubias Cárdenasstudent of the eighth semester of the Faculty of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering (FIME) of the University of Colima, was invited to the celebration of the Education Daythe date that commemorates Roberto Rocca -one of the founders of Grupo Techint-, at an event held at the “Roberto Rocca” Technical School in the municipality of fisheriesin New Lion.

This year also coincides with the 100th anniversary of the birth of Roberto Roccawhich is why this celebration-tribute was organized, attended by executives of the company Ternium and educational and academic authorities of Nuevo León, to recognize the young women who have stood out for their commitment, perseverance and student performance.

At the ceremony, 747 high school students were recognized, technical baccalaureate and careers in engineering and applied sciences, thanks to his perseverance, commitment and academic excellenceamong them Edgar Casarrubias. Young people from Nuevo León attended, ColimaMichoacán, Coahuila and Puebla, belonging to 18 educational institutions in the country.

Josué Edgar Casarrubiasrepresentative of the University of Colimaexplained that he has been awarded the scholarship “Roberto Rocca” Education Program from May 2021 to date and thanked the sponsoring company for remaining constant and faithful to its commitment to support the engineering students to continue their studies through this economic incentivewhich helps to strengthen them and develop as professionals.

He recalled that to receive this scholarship it is necessary to have a minimum average of 8.5, in addition to having a good level of English; “Both the recognition and the support received are truly significant for us and our families; In addition, they emphasize that it is the result of our own efforts, of the education provided by our family and of the institution in which we were educated”.

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Thanks to the company Ternium for the effort and support he devotes to his Educational programs“which help to strengthen and develop young people who are aware of their social responsabilitywhich generates great respect for the company for its strong support for education”.

For more than 15 years, Ternium has allocated more than 340 million pesos in scholarships for more than 5,800 young people.

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