UdeC grants scholarships to more than 60 students

This Wednesday, June 22, the award ceremony for the 2022 Scholarships of the University of Concepción was held, a recognition received by 64 students from different careers and who stand out in various areas and fields.

The activity was led by the Vice Chancellor, Dr. Paulina Rincón González, and the Director of Student Services, Cecilia Pérez Díaz. In addition, the Vice-Rector for Institutional Relations and Linkage with the Environment, Dr. Ximena Gauché Marchetti, different university authorities, academics, guests and special guests, students and their families attended.

In her words of greeting, Vice Chancellor Rincón congratulated the students who were awarded the scholarships, reviewing the history and basis of the benefits that bear the names of the university’s founders.

At this point, he emphasized that work will also be done to highlight great women who have left their mark on the house of studies, “like Carolina Vargas, the first woman dean of a Chilean and Latin American university, who served between 1943 and 1955 in the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters at that time”.

Likewise, the vice-chancellor went on to say that “The UdeC recognizes your effort and excellence achieved and asks you to make the most of the resources we have allocated”.

For her part, the first year medicine student and beneficiary of the Enrique Molina Garmendia scholarship, Francisca Contreras Gallardo, was excited and grateful for the scholarship that covers the fee.

Finally, from the UdeC Student Services Directorate, the director Cecilia Pérez Díaz indicated that “this is another year of recognition of the efforts of students and their families who come from far away”.

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It should be noted that the Dise UdeC, through the Student Welfare Unit, is the department in charge of carrying out the work of summoning and evaluating background information by the team of professionals, with all the established instruments and indicators, to then deliver the resolutions and propose the awarded quotas to the rectory.

Traditionally, the scholarships awarded are “Enrique Molina Garmendia”, “Ernesto Mahuzier”, “Wilfried Jünge Musical Excellence”, “Dr. Virginio Gómez”, “Science of the Faculty of Physical Sciences and Mathematics”, “PSU National Score” and “Sports”.

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