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Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi said on social media that he spent part of his time working for UberEats last weekend and experienced the hardships of a takeaway boy.Khosrowshahi said he “spent a few hours” during the two days of the weekend to deliver the food. On the first day, I completed 10 delivery tasks in 3.5 hours, earning a total of 106.71 US dollars including tips, which is equivalent to earning about 30 US dollars per hour.

Khosrowshahi’s total compensation in 2020 is more than 12 million US dollars, including stock options, an average of about 33,333 US dollars per day, which is equivalent to about 340 times his income as a courier.

But another screenshot describes his journey on the first day, showing that he made $106.71 in 6 hours, which means that his hourly salary is about $19.

Some users and netizens raised objections to this, saying that their income does not match the working hours. A company spokesperson said that the difference was due to a break after the executive clocked in and tips received. UberEats customers can add tips within 90 days of ordering.

But Khosrowshahi said on Twitter on Sunday night that his income on the second day was far lower than that on the first day. Because of traffic reasons, he only sent 6 times in two hours and received less tips. In total, he earned about $50. .

When asked if anyone recognized him, Khosrowshahi replied: “The benefits of wearing a mask!”

Uber has previously stated that the average hourly salary of its ride-hailing drivers is about $25.

But UberEats contract workers usually earn less than this, and just like their ride-sharing contract workers, they did not get medical benefits directly through the company in the past. It was not until California passed a new bill that Uber established a welfare fund to provide employees with medical benefits.

According to data from the job site GlaSSDoor, the average hourly salary of UberEats employees ranges from $12 to $18.


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