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Czernohorszky / Persy: “Knowledge courses prevented animal suffering during the pandemic”

Vienna (OTS) On July 1, 2019, the mandatory certificate of competence for future dog owners was introduced in Vienna. Two years later, the Viennese “dog customer” model has more than proven itself: The compulsory specialist courses for dog novices have not only made more than 7,000 people fit for their four-legged companions, but also made numerous “wrong acquisitions”. be prevented. From July onwards, after the corona-related changeover to a virtual format, the course will again take place as a face-to-face event at numerous locations in Vienna and the surrounding area.

“In just two years, we have already achieved our goal of providing the animal-loving Viennese with comprehensive information about the needs and challenges of dogs as a family member,” said Jürgen Czernohorszky, City Councilor for Animal Welfare. “The positive feedback from participants as well as course providers confirms that we have chosen the animal-friendly and therefore correct path with the introduction of the mandatory certificate of competence as the City of Vienna.” Especially during the corona pandemic, when The interest in dogs has increased enormously, the knowledge course has proven to be a serious aid in decision-making. “The courses prevented a lot of animal suffering during the pandemic because they gave people the reliable and independent information they need to be able to make an informed decision for or against a dog,” emphasizes Czernohorszky.

For Eva Persy, head of the Vienna Animal Welfare Ombudsman, this is exactly the core of the courses: “With the“ Dog Customer ”we have created a unique offer that is not perceived as an annoying compulsory program, but as what it is: a real chance to learn valuable knowledge about contemporary dog ​​keeping in Vienna directly from experts from practice. ”So there are always reports from participants who decided after attending the course not to take a torture breed that suddenly – legitimately – doubted the seriousness of the dealer or breeder or who had realized that the current living conditions are not suitable for a dog. Persy: “We therefore recommend attending the knowledge course as a first step -” Acquire knowledge “- as part of our WAU method for responsible dog acquisition.”

The knowledge course, which is presented by authorized dog experts, lasts four hours and provides basic knowledge about the acquisition, keeping, care and upbringing of dogs as well as the legal provisions before the animal is admitted. The course fee is 40 euros and goes entirely to the lecturer. The number of participants is limited per course. Registration takes place directly with the providers, whose course locations and contact details are listed on the website The course is compulsory for all Viennese who want to register a dog and have not kept a dog in the previous two years.

From July, the courses that were held online as webinars during the Corona restrictions will take place offline again. As a thank you, all participants receive a voucher for the starter sack for new dog owners, which has great surprises in store for the dog and wife.

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