Two people responsible for a dog residence in Sant Cugat (Barcelona) convicted of animal abuse


A judge from Terrassa (Barcelona) has sentenced the owner and the person in charge of a canine residence in Sant Cugat del Vallès (Barcelona) to six months in prison for animal abuse by neglecting a dog that was dehydrated and with a “strong eye infection that prevented him from opening his eyes. “

In the sentence, consulted by Europa Press, the Criminal Court 1 of Terrassa states that the social services of Barcelona left a dog in the residence to guard it because the owner was an elderly woman who could not take care of the animal.

The dog was in the residence between December 2016 and January 2017, and during those months the defendants, intentionally, did not give him “the minimum essential care regarding food, care and veterinary treatments,” explains the sentence.

The judge emphasizes that the two agreed to do so and that they had “full knowledge that this omission caused a serious impairment in the health of the dog”, which in February 2017 arrived at the Barcelona animal shelter because its owner He definitively renounced his custody, and arrived dehydrated, with a bad smell, with an infection in his eyes and knotty legs.

For this crime of animal abuse, the judge imposes six months in prison and disqualifies them for two years to have animals and for any work that is related.

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