Two hours of intervention to save Rex, stuck in a cistern

Little Rex, a 9-month-old poodle cross, escaped him narrowly. For several days, he had been stuck in the cistern of an uninhabited house in Carnières. Hearing the poor animal’s cries of despair, a neighbor sounded the alert and firefighters from the Hainaut-Center Rescue Zone intervened on Saturday to get the unfortunate man out of the trap into which he had fallen.

The intervention was complicated, but after two hours, rescuers managed to extract it from this partially blocked cistern. The firefighters then entrusted the survivor to the volunteers of the SPA, who gave him the bath. Rex then saw the vet and was placed in the care of a SPA foster family, volunteers who now take care of him like their own dog.

If the story ends well, Rex has had a very sad life in 9 months, according to the La Louvière SPA. Received as a gift, unwanted, it was given to a stranger in a market who then got rid of the animal in turn. Rex found himself wandering like a flea-infested wanderer, only to fall into this cistern that could have become his grave without a neighbor’s call.

This sad slice of life is an opportunity for the SPA to reiterate a call: “Above all, never offer an animal! An adoption must be a thoughtful act in the long term. Seek advice from a shelter and give yourself time to think before you fall for a furball.”

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