two arrests and one wounded in hospital

A young man injured with several stab wounds in the face, abdomen and arm following a dispute over a disputed dog. It happened yesterday evening, Saturday 27 November 2021, in via Virgilio a Cassino (Frosinone) when a 20-year-old began to argue with two peers. First the insults and then the desperate cries of the victim asking for help. To give the alarm were the residents who alerted the carabinieri. When the soldiers of the operational section of the Compagnia di Cassino arrived on the spot, assisted by Norm of Pontecorvo, they found the man lying on the ground with deep cuts. He was immediately transferred to the ‘St. Scholastica‘where he was operated on.

The carabinieri then gave life to a real manhunt to block the two attackers who were identified and arrested in a very short time thanks to the story of the victim and thanks to the testimonies of those who, from the balconies, witnessed the very serious scene of violence. These are two young people of San Giorgio a Liri, an 18 year old and a 19 year old, both already registered for crimes against the person and property. They were arrested for attempted murder, attempted robbery, illegal carrying of weapons and aggravated injuries.

The reconstruction of the stabbing

In an attempt to get back into possession of a dog, allegedly owned by them, but in possession of their peers (a 19-year-old from the same center), they hit him with the knife in the face, abdomen and arm. This was witnessed by some people who immediately rescued the victim and transported him to the local hospital where he was held in a confidential prognosis. The Carabinieri, promptly intervened, following investigations, managed to track down and accompany the attackers to the barracks. The knife, later found in a bush in a garden near the place where the crime occurred, was placed under seizure. Those arrested, after the usual formalities, were held in the security rooms of the Company Command. One of the two young men arrested is defended by the lawyer Emanuele Carbone.

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