Twisted Wonderland (Twisted) event “NRC Master Chef” recipes, ingredients list, efficient strategy commentary –SNS Days

It has been talked about that the recipe for the Twisting event “NRC Master Chef” currently being held is difficult.

This time, we will thoroughly explain the recipes and strategies of the Twiste event “NRC Master Chef”.

Twiste’s “NRC Master Chef” recipe is difficult to talk about

“NRC Master Chef ~ Meat Bliss ~” is being held from 17:00 on February 12th to 14:59 on 25th.

It’s a little different from the usual battles and rhythms, and it’s a unique event with a cooking theme.

It is an event where you can enjoy the chef appearance of the characters and the cooking scenery, but there are many voices such as “Recipe is difficult!”

Some say that recipes such as cabbage rolls are strange.

Since the theme of the event is cooking, there are many people who try the strategy by referring to the actual recipe.

However, there are differences in recipes such as “I put consomme in this dish” and “Do you use this ingredient in this dish?”

In particularThere are also recipes with questions such as “Does the cabbage roll contain onions?”, And the topic is “It’s more difficult because there is an actual recipe.”It has become.