Turkey stumbles over Latvia: ‘The Netherlands and Norway are the big winners’ | NOW

National coach Senol Günes of Turkey is very disappointed with the surprising 3-3 draw against Latvia in the World Cup qualification. His team gave away a 2-0 and 3-1 lead and did bad business against group mates the Netherlands and Norway.

“This is very disappointing. We lost two points in a game that we should have won. This is a great success for Latvia, but of course the Netherlands and Norway are the big winners,” said Günes.

After three games in group G, Turkey is still in the lead with seven points, followed by the Orange, Norway and Montenegro, who all have six points. According to Günes, his team was to blame for losing points against Latvia.

“Everyone did their best, but we lost too much ball. We had no answer to the high balls and standard situations of the Latvians. We did not achieve the fast pace that we achieved in the first two World Cup qualifiers”, he concluded.

“In the end we are still on seven points from three games and that is of course not bad. We are now disappointed, but there are simply surprises in football. We saw that again today.”

The next series of World Cup qualifying matches will not be until the beginning of September, after the European Championship. The Dutch national team will then play against Norway and at home against Montenegro and Turkey. The Turks also receive Montenegro and then visit Gibraltar before traveling to Amsterdam.

Stand group G.

  • 1. Turkey 3-7 (10-5)
  • 2. Netherlands 3-6 (11-4)
  • 3. Montenegro 3-6 (6-3)
  • 4. Norway 3-6 (4-3)
  • 5. Latvia 3-1 (4-7)
  • 6. Gibraltar 3-0 (1-14)

View the results, the standings and the program in the World Cup qualification


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