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Good evening!

This is Shiori Yagi!

I read all the comments!

Thank you!

I was very happy!

I introduced myself in the last blog, but I forgot to write my hometown!


So I’ll write it now!Lol

place of birth:Aichi prefecture

I’m sure those who have seen the results announcement and profile know, but just in case!Lol

Hello Project 2021 Summer Sapphire & Ruby

The Osaka performance is over!

The first concert for me!

I was overwhelmed by the performance of my seniors!

I will do my best so that I can perform like my seniors as soon as possible!

And it was the first announcement in front of everyone!

I was very nervous, but I was happy to meet you in person!

Thank you to everyone who came to Osaka!

I’m looking forward to seeing you who come to other performances!

Next is the Nagoya performance!

It’s local! !! Fun 💕

It’s fun to write a blog!

I feel like I’m getting closer to you!

I wish I could have a lot of chats with everyone at the talks!

Yagi Shiori

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