TSMC’s 3nm first customer is only Apple’s AMD Zen5, and then keep up with it

TSMC’s 3nm process will not be mass-produced until the second half of this year, and the products will start shipping next year. Originally, Intel will become the first customer together with Apple. However, recent rumors have almost confirmed that Intel’s 3nm orders have almost all been cancelled. GPU units can’t keep up with the 3nm process.

With the withdrawal of Intel, only Apple is the first to launch 3nm.The A16 chip of this year’s iPhone 14 series has not caught up, and a new generation of M-series processors and A17 processors are needed.

TSMC’s 3nm process is very good and powerful, but the cost of the new process is too expensive, and Intel’s cancellation is also because it is not cost-effective. Only Apple can afford the cost of the first launch. Therefore, TSMC is still negotiating with other customers. There are AMD, MediaTek, Qualcomm and other companies.

However, they will not go to 3nm very early. The planning time is 2024. AMD has also announced future product plans before.In the next-generation Zen5 architecture, it is divided into two steps. First, the 4nm process will be used, and then the 3nm process will be used later.

According to this route, AMD is likely to launch the 4nm Zen5 before the end of next year, and there will be an improved version of the 3nm Zen5+ by the end of the second half of 2024.

TSMC's 3nm first customer is only Apple's AMD Zen5 to keep up

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