Trump says the US will soon recover from the “China plague”


Washington.- The president of EU, Donald Trump, indicated this Saturday that his country will recover soon from the “plague of China“referring to the coronavirus pandemic, in a video published on his Twitter account on the occasion of the July 4th, independence Day.

“Today is a day to celebrate many different things, but more than anything freedom,” he said. Trump.

“Four months ago we broke records in any field, no matter what it was, if you looked at each thing separately, we had the best unemployment numbers, the best jobs, the best stock market numbers we never had,” the president listed.

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Trump stated that US I was doing it better than any other country in history. “Then,” she continued, “this terrible plague from China hit us and now we are about to overcome it. Our country is going to recover.”

Trump he closed his message with the promise that ME “it will be bigger” than before.

For his part, his more than possible rival in the November presidential elections, Democrat Joe Biden, published on the same social network a message that read: “This July 4th, one of the most patriotic things they can do is wear a mask “, as opposed to the position of Trump who refuses to cover his face.

The President of ME Fault to China of the pandemic of coronavirus in the world.

Trump He said last Tuesday that he was “increasingly angry” with China for the advance of coronavirus, which he calls “Chinese virus”, in his country and around the world.

As a consequence of the pandemic, tension has risen in recent months between ME and China.

The North American country is the most affected by the health crisis, with more than 2.8 million confirmed cases and more than 129 thousand 500 deaths, according to figures from Johns Hopkins University.

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