Trouble in the same class last year? Is the kitchen knife brought in from the outside? Aichi / Yatomi Naka 3 Putout Case: Tokyo Shimbun TOKYO Web

There was an incident in which a boy student was stabbed by a boy in his class with a knife in the school.

A boy student (14) of the same grade who was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder for stabbing Yuki Ito (14) with a knife of about 20 cm across the blade in the 14th mountain of Yatomi City, Aichi Prefecture, is a knife of a weapon. Was suspected to have been brought in from outside, according to an interview with the city board of education on the 24th. According to the city board of education, the kitchen knives seized at the site are not school equipment and there is no evidence that they were taken out of the home economics room. The prefectural police think that it may have been planned and investigate whether there is any trouble.

It is believed that Mr. Ito was attacked immediately after being called by a boy from the classroom to the corridor, and he died afterwards, according to an interview with an investigative official.

The two were from the same elementary school and were in the same class when they were in middle school 2, but the city board of education explained at a press conference on the afternoon of the 24th that they “did not know” the trouble between them. Takumi Okuyama, the superintendent of education, said, “It was a sad situation. I regret the bereaved family,” and stated that a third-party committee would be set up to investigate the cause. A briefing session for parents was also held on the evening of the same day. The two are currently in different classes and have different club activities. (Joint)

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