Tropical week ahead, possibly with heat wave


“The chance that we will have a national heat wave is currently 60 percent,” Magdel Erasmus of Buienradar told Editie NL. For such a national heat wave, it must be more than 25 degrees in De Bilt five days in a row, three days above the tropical limit of 30 degrees.

From Wednesday it gets hot in the summer and the mercury rises to about 26 degrees. From Thursday it will be tropical with maximums between 30 and 32 degrees. In the southeast it even becomes 35 to 36 degrees on Friday and Saturday.

Sunday is decisive

Whether we get a heat wave depends mainly on Sunday. “It seems to be getting hot in the summer, with about 27 degrees in De Bilt, but we are on the border of cool and warm air.”

Heat wave or not, at least it will be warm and sunny. “At the moment it seems that this will be the case up to and including Saturday.

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