“Trimm und Struppi”: Hirschberg now has the next dog hairdresser – Bergstrasse

For the photo, Felix dutifully climbs into the bathing device that Daniela Wenisch (in the photo) shares with Ines Richter. It has its own area for cutting and trimming. Photo: Kreutzer

Hirschberg-Leutershausen. (ans) Daniela Wenisch is actually a trained paralegal. Actually. Because the 40-year-old will be the second dog hairdresser in Leutershausen from July 3rd and has already set up a place in the back area of ​​”Ines’ dog house” in the main street. With “Trimm und Struppi” the mother of three goes into business for herself and enters the existing dog hairdressing salon as a partner.

“I think I’m probably the only dog ​​hairdresser who doesn’t have a dog of her own,” says the cheerful native Kassel and laughs. Paradoxically, this is also one of the reasons why Wenisch took up the profession. She grew up with dogs and loves animals more than anything. But: Due to allergies in her husband and children, she cannot keep her own at home. She also has a great affinity for hair and has always enjoyed braiding hairstyles for her daughters.

That is why she wanted to do something practical in this area in addition to an office job, to find a balance, so to speak, and to turn her private passion into a profession as well. At the end of last year, Wenisch, who ended up on Bergstrasse because of love, decided: “I want to become a dog hairdresser.” So she found out more, briefly considered whether to offer a mobile service, but decided against it: “You can’t always offer the full range of dog grooming.”

She came across Ines Richter, who started her own business with “Ines’ Hundehütte” in Leutershausen in September of last year. But because she did not appear as their competitor and wanted to “warn her in advance” that she would also like to start her job, she contacted the dog hairdresser without further ado. The two women met for coffee – and immediately liked each other. Later the idea arose that Daniela Wenisch would go into business for herself and the two would support each other. This way you can go on vacation with peace of mind and represent each other in an emergency.

Daniela Wenisch will be offering appointments on Friday and Saturday mornings because she actually does her job in her free time. From July 1st she will be employed by Rhein-Neckar-Verkehr GmbH in the personnel department. She is already looking forward to this job and already appreciates bosses and colleagues there who have responded with understanding to her request to also work as a dog hairdresser. She will work there for 60 percent and four days a week.

So a lot of new things for the woman who just successfully completed her – not officially recognized – apprenticeship in Speyer on Friday. But she has also looked over her shoulder diligently in Ines Richter and has learned a lot from her. In addition, she has, for example, completed a course in trimming that lasts several hours, a sweaty, several-hour affair, which is where the name of her company “Trimm und Struppi” comes from, based on the famous cartoon series “Tintin”.

But how does she manage all of this? Two jobs and three children – twins aged five and a daughter aged eight? Wenisch says that she recently had au pair support at home and that her husband, who works in the home office, also lends a hand.

When the RNZ editor says goodbye, Daniela Wenisch is hugging Felix, Ines Richter’s one-year-old dog, and spoiling him with treats. As you can see: “Struppi” will feel at home here.

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