Trianon Viviani, week with concerts, talent show and “sung conference” – Napoli Village

NAPLES – Three appointments scheduled by Trianon Viviani in the next week, from Wednesday 19th to Sunday 23rd January, with a concert and the new “episodes” of the talent show of the Neapolitan Song theater and of the “Cantate Conferences”.

It starts with the inauguration of the “Terræmotus Neapolitan Talent”, the contest in search of the new “explosive” voices, judged by the audience in the room and by surfers in live streaming (Wednesday 19), and the second appointment of “the Cantate Conferences” , with Mauro Gioia, who, on this occasion, treats and sings around the figure of Enrico Caruso, read as that of the first pop star in history (Thursday 20).

This will be followed by “Strativari”, a “musical and theatrical suite” with Cristina Donadio, Capone & BungtBangt and Solis string quartet (Friday 21st, repeated on Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd).

The theater of the Neapolitan song still proposes the signing of a card, with which the spectator can attend six shows, at the special price of € 90 in an armchair and € 60 on the stage, freely choosing them from the billboard. In addition, for the young public, or “under 30”, the theater makes available, for each show, one hundred tickets for € 10. A particular mini-subscription is dedicated to the inhabitants of Forcella: a batch of fifty tickets for each show, available at the special reduced price of € 7, which can only be subscribed at the theater box office.

Mini-season tickets and tickets can be purchased at the theater box office, authorized pre-sales and online on the circuit. The box office is open from Monday to Saturday, from 10 to 13:30 and from 16 to 19; Sundays and public holidays from 10 to 13:30.

To enter the theater, the possession of the super green pass (also called “reinforced green pass”) and the use of a mask are mandatory.

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Information: institutional site, tel. 081 2258285.

“Terræmotus Neapolitan Talent”, contest in search of new voices – Wednesday 19th January

Wednesday 19 January, at 9 pm, second stage of the “Terræmotus Neapolitan Talent” (Tnt), the contest in search of the new Neapolitan explosive voices.

Conceived by the artistic director Marisa Laurito, this contest, which searches for the most explosive talents of singing, is presented by Gennaro Monti with Tiziana De Giacomo.

The competitors – from five to seven per evening – perform on the stage of the theater, for the audience present in the hall and for navigators connected in live streaming on the social channels of the Trianon Viviani (Facebook and Instagram).

At the end of each evening a qualified technical jury, chaired by the director Bruno Garofalo, draws up, at its sole discretion, a ranking, taking into account the consent expressed by the audience in the room and the likes recorded on social media, and proclaims the winner of the evening.

The winners of the evenings enter the final phase, as well as the best finishers rescued. The two best explosive talents who will win the final will be able to be included in the company Stabile della Canzone napoletana.

The deadline for submitting applications is next January 25th. The participation rules are at

All evenings of TNT are free admission, subject to availability of places.

“The Cantate Conferences” with Mauro Gioia – Thursday 20 January

Second episode for Mauro Gioia with his “Cantate Conferences”, the cycle of in-depth meetings on the Neapolitan song that will be held, until May, every Thursday at 8pm.

In his appointments, curated with Giuditta Borelli, Antonio Pascale and Anita Pesce, Gioia talks about the record innovations, the talent of some singers, the climate of the time, sometimes violent, sometimes veiled by nostalgia. The stories of songs and singers (brilliant, dirty, male chauvinists, poetics) will be analyzed and sung and very rare records will be listened to, which collect forgotten singing styles and ways of singing that we will hear in the future.

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«This second of my five appointments, which will be held until April 23 – explains Mauro Gioia -, is a ‘sung conference’ dedicated to Enrico Caruso, seen as the first pop star in history».

“I start from the mystery of the death of the Neapolitan tenor, who died just 48 years ago a century ago, to reconstruct his artistic career and personal life made up of excesses, troubled loves and courtrooms – continues the Neapolitan artist, who long established in Paris -; but there will also be space for the American Caruso who has become an ambassador of made in Italy at the table and of the Neapolitan song in the world, from macaroni to Core ‘ngrato ».

With the musical arrangements of Gigi De Rienzo, Gioia is accompanied by Giuseppe Burgarella on the piano, Carlo Fimiani on the guitar and Paolo Sessa on the keyboards.

Mauro Gioia’s Cantate Conferences are produced by Musica per Roma. The visual is by Giovanni Ambrosio.

The other series of scheduled meetings, including conversations and musical interpretations, are “The thousand and one Naples”, with Francesca Colapietro and Mariano Bellopede, and “Città singer”, with Pasquale Scialò.

“Strativari”, musical and theatrical suite with Cristina Donadio, Capone & BungtBangt and Solis String quartet – from Friday 21 to Sunday 23 January

From Friday 21st to Sunday 23rd January (Friday and Saturday at 9pm; Sunday at 7pm), Cristina Donadio, Capone & BungtBangt and Solis String quartet are on stage with “Strativari”.

Conceived as a suite, the musical and theatrical show is a musical experience and a journey of the soul.

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Strativari consists of eight movements, with a Prologue and an Epilogue. Eight emotional portraits that touch as many affections – the memory, the passion, the game, the clash, the fatigue, the denunciation, the desire, the devotion – explored from the point of view of the Neapolitans.

The project was born from the meeting of two musical realities, apparently very distant from each other, but united by the Mediterranean matrix. Among instruments with profoundly different histories and traditions (from the violin to the “buatteria”, from the electric broom to the cello, from the viola to the “scatolophon”) Capone & BungBangt and Solis string quartet have decided to share the stage in a show written by Stefano Valanzuolo and directed by Raffaele Di Florio.

The title, through a play on words, evokes the name of the famous Cremonese luthier and refers to the “various” “layers” that make up the image of Naples, characterized by a plurality of languages, styles, bodies and souls, which, perhaps, it has no equal elsewhere.

Capone & BungtBangt is formed by Maurizio Capone, voice, electric broom and “percussion”, Alessandro Paradiso, “bass guitar”, “scatolophon” and “buatteria”, Vincenzo Falco, “percussaglie” and “tubolophon”, and Salvatore Zannella, “buatteria “And” percussions “.

The Solis string quartet is composed of the violinists Vincenzo Di Donna and Luigi De Maio, the violist Gerardo Morrone and the cellist and guitarist Antonio Di Francia.

The lighting design is by Francesco Adinolfi, the sound by Giuseppe Polito and Massimo Curcio.

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