Trial of the 2015 attacks: for survivors still traumatized, testifying is “difficult, but necessary” – video


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Oxana Bobrovitch. Sputnik France

This is the second week of the trial of the January 2015 attacks at the special assize court in Paris. The police officers who appear at the bar evoke the feeling of guilt “for having survived this January 7th”. Lassana Batilly, “hero of Hyper Cacher”, feels the same emotion, explains Me Samia Maktouf, his lawyer, to Sputnik. Interview.

It is the ninth day of the trial of the January 2015 attacks: the day before, Charlie Hebdo made public the new threats from Al-Qaeda * against it. Outside, security is reinforced around the Paris court. Inside, the police officers targeted in 2015 testify at the stand.

Maître Samia Maktouf, lawyer for Lassana Batilly, the Hyper Cacher storekeeper who helped the police by blocking the supermarket on January 9, 2015, testified “extremely poignant“And”difficult, but necessary».

“The trial concerns three attacks: the Hyper Cacher, Montrouge and Charlie. Al-Qaeda * threats are more about Charlie Hebdo, but they are threats to French society as a whole, to all those whose lifestyle is different from these people and who want to install a deadly ideology ”, specifies Me Maktouf at Sputnik’s microphone.

The lawyer assures that for her client, Lassana Batilly, the trial is a test. “It’s hard“, She confides to us, but it is also”a relief“Five years after the attacks.

“He missed out on death, he played an important role in helping the police. Today, according to him, when he goes to give his testimony, it will be “a release”. All the civil parties carry an extremely heavy weight, […] a feeling of guilt on the part of the survivors, ”explains the lawyer.

* Al-Qaeda is a terrorist organization banned in Russia


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