Trial in A Coruña against a man accused of continuously sexually assaulting his daughter | Radio Coruña


The Provincial Court of A Coruña celebrates this Wednesday trial against a man accused of sexually assaulting his daughter, seven years, continuously, made by those who the Prosecutor’s Office asks for 14 years in prison, as reported by the Superior Court of Justice of Galicia (TSXG).

The trial will be held behind closed doors Against the defendant, of legal age and with a non-computable criminal record, father of the minor with whom he lived. According to the tax qualification letter, on undetermined dates in 2014, when the minor was seven years old, the defendant proceeded with lascivious intent to carry out sexual acts with the girl that included touching and attempted penetration without it being known that he had succeeded. .

By resolution of 4 of September 2014 the girl’s abandonment was agreed, assuming the guardianship of the Xunta, proceeding to their residential care.

‘The facts described determine that the accused is not the appropriate person to take charge of the care of the minor or the exercise of the duties inherent to parental authority, in addition to having left a psychological mark on the girl that interferes in her training process in the sexual sphere ‘, says the tax qualification.

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