Trento, thieves in the house do not find the gold and kidnap the dog Rocky. The desperate owner: “Help me find him”

They entered an apartment in the center of Trento, they turned everything upside down and, finding no gold and precious items to grab, they kidnapped Rocky, a young example of an American bully pocket.

The discovery was made by the owner who, upon returning home, immediately reported the theft. Then, the appeal on social media and half Trento covered with flyers with the photo of the dog and the telephone number 3395489524 in the hope of receiving useful information to find him. The mobilization of the animal rights association Oipa, which set the network in motion, was also immediate.

The dog in question is small in size, dark brown in color with a white triangle on the neck. At the time of the kidnapping, the animal allegedly wore a studded collar and a blue leash. If anyone has information, please contact the owner

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