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Contents of diagnosis and treatment

General diagnosis and treatment

We strive to provide treatment based on informed consent.
We will work closely with you to determine a course of treatment.

We provide full medical care for dogs and cats. Injuries and diseases such as internal medicine, surgery, skin and eye diseases are treated through interviews and examinations.
On a daily basis, it is very important for owners to know how much they love their pets, and how well they know their pet’s habits and personalities. When diagnosing, such small information is often the trigger, so it will be good for your pet if you can tell us even the smallest things.

various surgeries

We perform surgical treatment such as injury and fracture and contraception, castration operation.
Regarding birth control and castration, there is nothing wrong with putting a scalpel on the body, and I think there are many owners who are worried about it.
It has the advantage of preventing diseases of the reproductive system and suppressing the birth of unwanted puppies and kittens, but it also has the disadvantage of making it easier to gain weight after surgery and causing stress due to surgery. .
Based on both of these, we will provide a sufficient explanation until the owner and the owner’s family are satisfied.
Regarding the anesthesia for the treatment, we use different ones depending on the pet’s symptoms, body size and medical condition, but we will respond as much as possible if there is a request from the owner.

preventive medicine

There are many diseases that threaten the health of dogs and cats, such as rabies, filariasis, and various viral and bacterial infections. For example, filariasis is recognized as a disease of dogs, but it also infects cats. Filariasis is transmitted by mosquitoes, and if infected with filariasis, it will damage the heart, liver, and kidneys, leading to death. Attempts to eradicate the parasites in the body may actually aggravate the disease, making it difficult to treat radically, so prevention is extremely important.
Prophylaxis can almost certainly prevent the disease by administering heartworm preventatives once a month for the appropriate period of time. Basically, an annual filariasis test is required. Rabies vaccination is also obligatory under the Rabies Prevention Law. As with filariasis, not only cats but also humans and most mammals are infected, and if they develop symptoms, they will die. There have been no outbreaks in Japan for several decades, but without vaccination you cannot safely go to places where many animals gather, such as animal hospitals, daily walks, pet hotels, and trimming salons. It is important to remember to vaccinate once a year, and at the same time it is good manners for other owners.

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