Travieso Arce conducts a political poll on Morena and wins


The former world champion of the World Boxing Council, Jorge ‘Travieso’ Arce, did a political poll with his followers in which he involved Brunette, the ruling party in Mexico since the 2018 elections.

“Good afternoon my race. Polls Friday: two years after Morena’s triumph, would you vote for them again in 2021? Vote and give her a retuit. Consult Traviesosky. Courage, don’t get bitter!” Was the expúgile’s tweet.

For the survey, there were three options: yes, no, or “mother who wins.”

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As of one o’clock on Saturday, June 4, the “no” was winning the poll with 92 percent of the vote, while the other two responses disputed the remaining eight percent.

So far, 17,170 people had voted in the poll. This means that more than 15 thousand votes were against voting for Morena again, in the Arce poll.

The former boxer has been characterized by raising his voice against that political party and has even questioned the decisions of Andrés Manuel López Obrador.


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